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Over the past 30 plus years at Mize, Sandi has held various positions. She began working in Accounting Services and then managed the firm’s Bill Pay department. She also worked closely with the IT team to develop the Mize web tools solution.

Sandi leads and manages technology initiatives within Mize. She has managed upgrading Mize’s web tools accounting and payroll service. Sandi is leading future initiatives as well. Projects including custom dashboards that provide clients real-time visual information. Give clients the ability to track their restaurant’s financial and operational performance. She also led the implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) projects. Giving Mize restaurant clients more robust financial data.


Horton High School


Sandi’s creative outlets include quilting and antique sewing machines. She is a member of both the Kansas Capital Quilters Guild and the Kansas Quilt Organization. She has held various board positions with both organizations.

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