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Our Focus on Auto Dealerships

Trust our 35 years of dealership consulting experience

Auto dealerships have a lot of moving parts. From determining floor plan options and managing aftermarket sales to inventory management and staying up-to-date on the ever-changing IRS regulations, owners of dealerships face a variety of challenges. We understand that customer satisfaction is critical to your business—it’s critical to ours too.

During our 35 years working in the auto dealership industry, Mize’s Audit and Attest team has gained extensive knowledge dealing specifically with dealership accounting and tax issues. Our experts will help to:

  • Optimize your position in succession planning and acquisitions. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, we understand your unique position in determining the dealership’s value. We consult with you to tax planning strategies to support your future.
  • Reduce annual tax liabilities. By staying abreast of the annual IRS revisions and understanding how those changes impact dealerships, we work together to implement tax planning strategies to reduce your tax liability.
  • Ensure the security of your assets. Partnered with our in-house IT specialists, we utilize our industry knowledge and understanding of dealership controls to identify internal control weaknesses that should be addressed to protect your dealership assets.

Does your accountant have experience in auto dealership accounting and understand LIFO? Do you have direct access to a dealership consultant and CPA with decades of experience who can advise on buy-sell agreements, remodel vs. rebuild scenarios, reinsurance companies and succession planning? You should. Contact James Hilbert to learn more.

"Mize has been our corporate CPA and partner for many years providing invaluable business advice ranging from annual audits to internal accounting controls to tax planning and succession. Their knowledge of the automotive industry and quality of staff sets them apart from all other accounting firms."

- L.G. Noller, Chairman of the Board and Jolene Piper, CFO, Laird Noller Dealerships

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