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When you enroll in Mize Employee Engagement Services, our team will find the tax credits you might be missing. All the while making your onboarding process easier and more efficient. Our system is easy to use and makes file management and employee communications a breeze.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Management

We are here to help you get the most from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Our team reviews your new hires and identifies employees who qualify for WOTC. We then submit the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Ensuring you get tax credits you deserve.

Qualifying employees include:
• Individuals who receive government assistance (SNAP, TANF)
• Individuals with disabilities
• Individuals who live in a lower-income area
• Veterans
• Felons

We review your new employees and identify those who would qualify for WOTC. Once we’ve identified your WOTC-eligible employees, we’ll handle the rest. We will continue to track your WOTC eligibility through our electronic onboarding services.

Electronic Onboarding

Save time and resources by removing physical paperwork from the new hire process. Your new employees will enter their personal information into our system themselves. They can do so on their own time from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows your new employee to complete their forms online before their first day on the job. Giving them more time to train and less time in the orientation process.

Included in our electronic onboard process are:
• Your employee handbook
• State Tax Forms
• Federal W4

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