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Audit & Attest Services

A variety of assurance services to meet your needs

Are you finding yourself in one of these scenarios?

  • You’ve been told you need audited financial statements and you’re on the search for a CPA.
  • You’re a seasoned pro but need to bid your audit because of rotation requirements.
  • You’ve scrambled through your audit every year and know there must be a better way.

If you have, our next question is “Do you really need an audit?”

In many cases, you may not. An accounting review, compilation or agreed-upon procedures may be sufficient. What’s the difference? If it’s determined that you don’t need a full financial statement, it can be a significant saving in time and money. However, if you do need an audit and choose Mize CPAs Inc., you’ll reap the benefits of:

  • Experienced professionals. Our team of CPAs stays current on accounting and reporting disclosures.
  • Team continuity with direct access to the top. You won’t train a new auditor every year, and you’ll have frequent and direct contact with a Mize shareholder.
  • A streamlined audit process. From the time you engage us, we’ll work closely with your team to learn more about your organization and collaborate to develop an integrated plan — using your time and budget efficiently.
  • New opportunities. Although attest and accounting services require historical analysis, why not use this time and data to be proactive? Our experienced, insightful professionals will take a fresh look at your operation and suggest ways to improve efficiencies and limit exposures.

You have a lot of options when selecting a CPA firm to provide audit and assurance services. Fees might be a significant factor in your decision-making process, but it shouldn’t be the only ones. Let us show you the value we can bring to your organization. Learn more by contacting Carol Baber, Lori Pittman, Steve Talken and Stacy (Smith) Randel.

Mize makes the audit process as painless as possible. We do a lot of the work, so much is done electronically and the continuity of their people makes everything easier. They perform the audits for our companies and three employee benefit plans.

- Justin Hill, Jr., Treasurer, The Lawrence Paper Company

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