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State and Local Taxes Simplified with Mize CPAs

State and local taxes can be a ‘gotcha’ for business owners who often aren’t aware of the potential pitfalls with personal property tax, sales tax compliance, unclaimed property reporting and other taxes. Added to the confusion are the myriad of taxable jurisdictions across the country, each with its own set of tax requirements.

Our State and Local Tax accountants are experienced with helping business owners manage their sales tax obligations, including situations with marketplace facilitators. We continuously monitor ever-changing tax laws and statutes to identify potential opportunities for state and local tax incentives and to ensure our clients stay in compliance with state and local tax laws.

The Mize State and Local Tax team is ready to help you with:

  • Abandoned or unclaimed property
  • Applications for state tax grants and hiring incentives
  • Income and franchise taxes
  • New location permit assistance
  • Personal property tax compliance and consulting
  • Property tax renditions
  • Sales and Use tax calculations and filing
  • State tax credits
  • Year-end benefit analysis for tax savings opportunities

As part of our tax planning and compliance team, our SALT tax accountants collaborate with the Mize tax department to give clients a robust solution to serve all their business tax needs.

If you have questions about your state and local taxes, are planning a move or expansion across state lines, or believe you may be missing out on some tax incentives, contact us to discuss your unique situation with a Mize tax professional.

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