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TeamMize Making A Difference In Our Neighborhoods One Box At A Time

TeamMize Making a Difference in Our Neighborhoods One Box at a Time

Did you know Team Mize sponsors and stocks Blessing Boxes in Topeka, Kansas, and Austin, Texas?  Blessing Boxes serve as a beacon of hope, providing essential food and goods to those who need it most, while reinforcing Mize’s commitment to making a positive impact on our communities and neighborhoods.


Team Mize painting and stocking the Topeka Blessing Box.

A Helping Hand to Those in Need

Mize strongly supports giving back to our communities, and the sponsorship of these Blessing Boxes is the perfect execution of this mission. The small cabinets are strategically placed in areas where food scarcity and lack of essential items are acute. They have two purposes:

  • To encourage community members to donate non-perishable food, personal care and other essential items.
  • To provide a way for individuals facing food insecurity to find the support they need.

These Blessing Boxes are a symbol of unity and compassion that transcends socioeconomic barriers. By allowing people to both give and receive, they empower the community to take care of its own.

Giving Back With Bee The Blessing

To find the perfect location for our Blessing Box, Mize partnered with Bee The Blessing, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the Blessing Boxes in Topeka, Kansas are well-stocked with nutritious and essential items. Bee The Blessing and Mize share a common goal: to create a brighter, more caring future for our neighborhoods! These small yet impactful initiatives help build stronger, more resilient communities.

Mize team members will maintain and stock the Blessing Boxes with needed items. We hope our example will inspire other organizations to take similar steps in making our neighborhoods more supportive places for everyone. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most!

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