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Mize Is A 2024 USA Today Top Workplace!

Mize is a 2024 USA Today Top Workplace!

We are thrilled to share some incredible news about the vibrant culture here at Mize CPAs! In 2023, we took a proactive step by conducting a comprehensive survey among our valued employees. This survey aimed to gauge their satisfaction levels with our workplace and gather valuable insights into their experiences as part of Team Mize. The results from this survey have catapulted us onto the prestigious USA Today Top Workplaces of 2024 and honored as one of the first Great Plains Top Workplaces for 2024!

Being recognized as one of USA Today’s Top Workplaces is a profound honor, signifying our commitment to prioritizing the well-being and fulfillment of our employees. What makes these awards even more special is that it’s determined by the individuals who make up our incredible team. We extend our gratitude to every member of Team Mize for turning this dream into a reality for our firm.

This newfound recognition puts a title to the efforts we’ve made through the years to build a fulfilling work environment and value each of our employees. So, what does being a Top Workplace mean to us? It goes beyond accolades; it signifies our unwavering commitment to prioritizing the well-being and fulfillment of every member of Team Mize.

Our Journey to Receiving USA Today’s Top Workplaces Award

When asked for her thoughts on Mize receiving the USA Today Top Workplaces recognition, shareholder Jan Marrs said, “When I joined Mize five and a half years ago, I recognized a dynamic and growing firm that I wanted to be a part of.  While the firm had a solid culture, as we moved through the pandemic and so much shifted with the workforce and the competitive talent market, the Board has been amazing at listening to employee feedback and investing and adapting our employment practices.”

The journey to being recognized as a USA Today Top Workplace by our Mize family is marked by significant positive changes that reflect our commitment to creating an exceptional work environment. These include the way Mize leaders demonstrate genuine care for our team members, putting family first and going the extra mile to establish and maintain flexible work arrangements that prioritize a healthy work-life balance. Leadership also makes noteworthy investments in compensation, benefits, and engaging employee events that showcase our dedication to enhancing the overall employee experience.

Another positive aspect is the key focus on career growth evident through substantial investments in mentoring programs, leadership training, and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) that provides our team members with valuable opportunities to advance in their careers. Mize CPAs stands out in the industry by effectively managing hours and workload, implementing an annual cap of hours that translates to under 45 hours a week, and ensuring a sustainable Life/Work balance for our employees.

Beyond the professional sphere, our leaders and team members embrace a culture of fun. Despite the demands of peak business periods, we not only work hard but also find ways to enjoy being together, fostering a positive and enjoyable atmosphere within our workplace. These changes underscore our unwavering commitment to creating a Top Workplace that values the well-being and growth of our Mize family.

Team Mize’s Comments on Their Workplace

We are overwhelmingly grateful for the high level of satisfaction that’s been expressed by our staff. When asked what she loves about working at Mize CPAs, payroll specialist Holly said, “The thing I love the most is that they are family-friendly, very accommodating, listen to their employees’ opinions, and are always doing things to award us for our hard work. I think Mize is an amazing company to work for, and I am looking forward to the future and doing my part to make the company successful.”

Receptionist Jessica added, “We have a fantastic group of people who truly enjoy each other, our work, and celebrating our many collective achievements!”

In addition to gathering commentary from individual employees, the process of election to USA Today’s Top Workplaces of 2024 provided us with valuable and anonymous insight. Our employees engaged in a thoughtful evaluation of their work environment through an anonymous 24-question survey administered by Energage, a reputable research company in partnership with USA Today for Top Workplaces surveys. The insights gathered from Energage’s survey shed light on how our employees perceive Mize CPAs. Here are a few highlights from the feedback provided by Team Mize:

  1. An impressive 90% of Mize employees feel they have the work-life flexibility and balance they need, a testament to our commitment to supporting their well-being. We’re overjoyed to know our team feels supported and encouraged to take the personal time they need, live the lifestyles they dream of, and be there for their families. These are things we hold in high value!
  2. Team Mize painted a vivid picture of our workplace culture. A few words used to describe it included: hardworking, family-oriented, enjoyable, flexible, helpful, appreciative, and efficient.

We extend our sincere thanks to Team Mize for actively participating in Energage’s survey and nominating our firm as a USA Today’s Top Workplace of 2024. You are the heartbeat of Mize CPAs Inc., and we are genuinely grateful for each and every one of you who contributes to making our workplace exceptional. This recognition is a shared success, reflecting our collective commitment to fostering a positive and fulfilling work environment at Mize CPAs. Cheers to the continued success and growth of our incredible team!

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