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Prepare Today For A Disaster Tomorrow

Prepare today for a disaster tomorrow

Something you don’t ever want to say is “I wish we were more prepared”, especially when it comes to your business. Keeping an up-to-date disaster recovery plan can be the key to a fast and successful rebound. Here are some things you can do now to ensure that you’re ready for the worst.

Employee Communication

Keep a list of employee contact information in a safe location that will be accessible if your systems are down. It’s important to keep the list current and believe it or not, having a printed copy stored somewhere safe can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to connect with your team. You may also want to consider subscribing to a text messaging service that would allow you to share a message quickly with a large group of your staff. A strong communications structure is the backbone of a successful disaster recovery plan.

Make sure your employees get paid

Payroll will likely not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re dealing with an emergency, but don’t put yourself in a situation to potentially miss a payroll. Natural disasters open the door to missed payroll deliveries and employee emergencies can leave you with nobody to send your payroll file to the bank. It is good to have a plan in place for if your payroll system is ever down. Partner with a payroll provider like Mize CPAs Inc. that can help you transition to electronic payroll and step in to help when needed.

Protect your data

Bad actors are always looking for an opportunity to steal sensitive information. Protect your organization by training your employees on identifying fraudulent attempts, putting strong security measures in place and regularly backing up your data.

Talk to your vendors now

When disaster strikes, your top priority is going to be the safety of your people. But don’t forget you’ll need to contact your vendors during the recovery process. Reach out to your vendors now and ask what are they doing to ensure your data is safe in an emergency. Ask them what you will need to do to connect with them and keep their service during a disruptive event. Also, set up electronic bill pay services so you don’t miss any vendor payments during the event.

Test your systems and processes

Don’t wait to find out there is a gap in your disaster recovery plan when the sky is falling. Test the critical pieces of your plan regularly so you and your team are confident and prepared to handle a variety of disaster situations.

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