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Four Things To Do Today To Protect Your Data From Disaster Tomorrow

Four things to do today to protect your data from disaster tomorrow

Bad actors are improving the methods they use to get their hands on your data. In addition to that, what would you do if a natural disaster destroyed your servers? Here are four things you can do today to protect your data from disaster tomorrow.

  1. Back up your data – A good business practice is to back up your important data. This includes your employee information, client information, project files, and more. If it’s something your business needs to operate, you need to make a copy of it for safekeeping. That copy should be saved in an offline, off-site location.
  2. Back up often – If disaster struck tomorrow, you would want your data backup to be as up-to-date as possible. Data from three months ago will not have all the information you need. Get in the habit of backing up your data often to ensure nothing vital is lost when things go bad.
  3. Take your backup off-site – If you utilize a physical backup, always take it to another location for safekeeping. Storing it in your office will only lead to disappointment if there is a fire, flood, or theft in the building. And if you back up your files digitally, protect the data from cybercriminals by storing it off your network.
  4. Educate your team – Criminals are getting more and more adept at making links and attachments look legitimate. Educating your team and training them to identify red flags is a great way to prevent disaster. We recommend you subscribe to’s newsletter OUCH!, which provides helpful information on how to protect your business and your team online.

Data protection is an integral part of a solid disaster recovery plan. By taking these four steps you’ll be in a better position to face what may come in the future. When disaster strikes you’ll be glad you did.

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