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Introducing Mize Enhanced Bill Pay Service

What exactly is enhanced bill pay?

It is a more secure way to pay your vendors.

Payments are sent electronically.

Your payments will be accurate, timely, and secure.

Why use enhanced bill pay?

Limit the potential for fraud. Each payment has a virtual MasterCard number. Enhanced bill pay helps to eliminate fraud. And you’ll have fewer checks lost in the mail.

Save money with enhanced bill pay. No more check related costs like positive pay, postage, or stop payments. You’ll also earn rebates with every e-payment made with your virtual MasterCard.

How does enhanced bill pay work?

Every payment has its own, single-use, virtual MasterCard number, and it goes directly to your vendor’s bank account.

Your vendor receives a notification via email. Once established, all payments will be fulfilled automatically. Save time and energy!

Reduce your stress and make your vendors happy!

Want to learn more? Contact your Mize relationship manager today!

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