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Rick & Sarah Hill, McDonald’s, And Mize

Rick & Sarah Hill, McDonald’s, and Mize

Rick: Hi I’m Rick Hill

Sarah: And I’m his daughter, Sarah Hill

Rick: And together we operate seven McDonald’s restaurants in the Denver, Colorado area.

Rick: Back when I worked as a director of operations, I worked with Mize and Carol many, many years ago back in the early ‘80s. And I have stayed with Carol for many years, it’s been a great relationship. We have all our bill pay, accounts receivable, and so forth all through Mize. Our payroll through Mize, and all our financial planning we use Mize for as well.

Rick: One challenging time for us was when we bought two restaurants at the same time. Mize was very instrumental in helping us work out the deal. And then a little bit after we bought those two restaurants, BBV2020 started. We had some additional challenges with some MRPs and remodeling we had to do as well. So that was challenging for us, how do we do all of that and be able to afford it all? Mize was very good at working with us, helping us through that situation, and making sure that we had our proper loans set up. And that we could pay for everything that had to be done.

Sarah: So, the financial piece was probably the area that I needed the most help in. And so, Mize was able to really customize a program for me. Especially with the one-on-one help that I needed, they were able to meet with me and go through the financial detail. And go through our succession planning, which I needed all that information for my interview with the financial meetings. So, it was a great help to have that.


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