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Danielle Marasco, McDonald’s, And Mize

Danielle Marasco, McDonald’s, and Mize

Hi my name is Danielle Marasco, I am a 14-store operator from Laredo, Texas. My parents started back in the early-mid ‘80s when Mize was called Cobler and our relationship has grown over the last 30 years.

We use Mize for our bill pay services, payroll, monthly accounting services, and all of our tax services.

When we’ve had opportunities with specific restaurants or times of reinvestment periods, we’ve either had a conference call or an in-person visit. We’ve talked about what we needed to do to buckle down and really get serious about changing the trajectory of our cash flow and making the business work. And Carol has given us incredibly honest advice about adjusting labor controls, cutting down on G&A, and making sure we’re not using outside services we don’t need. Just tightening up where we needed to.


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