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Visiting The Arizona Biltmore

Visiting the Arizona Biltmore

My role at Mize CPAs has its perks. First, I get to work with some of the greatest clients in the world, McDonald’s Owner/Operators! Second, I am tasked with visiting the location of our annual Finance Meeting. I need to ensure it has everything required to make our event a memorable one. Recently I visited the Arizona Biltmore and let me tell you, this venue is NOT going to disappoint.

A Beautiful Pairing of Old and New

As I approached the Arizona Biltmore, the first thing that struck me was its exquisite Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture. Every corner of the resort is adorned with intricate details that celebrate its rich history. The lobby has a pleasant aroma, “Jewel of the Desert,” a signature scent created exclusively for the Biltmore. I later discovered that you can bring this enchanting scent home with candles available at The Shop – and yes, you might even find one burning in my Topeka bungalow!

After I checked in, I started making my way to my room. There was so much to see, but what really caught my eye was the impressive Spire Bar located in the heart of the Biltmore property, which underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation during the 2020 pandemic closure. The Biltmore seized the opportunity to add new restaurants, pools, and more, offering an array of experiences to its guests.

Unparalleled Comfort in Every Room

My room at the Biltmore, a Resort Room – Balcony/Patio in the Valley Wing, exceeded my expectations. It provided the perfect blend of relaxation and functionality, featuring a cozy lounge chair and a well-designed workspace. Stepping out onto the shared balcony, I was treated to breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain to the East and the iconic Wrigley Mansion to the West. Below, Paradise Lawn and a charming garden housing three Frank Lloyd Wright Sprites. I could also see Paradise Pool’s spiraling waterslides not far away.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of exploring various room styles, and I can confidently say that your stay at the Arizona Biltmore promises unrivaled comfort.

Walking Through History

Soon it was time for me to return to the lobby to meet Larry, an Arizona Biltmore Historian. As we wandered through the property, Larry regaled me with the resort’s captivating history.

Here are some fascinating tidbits I learned during the tour:

  • The grand opening in 1929 was so popular that it had to be repeated three times to accommodate all the RSVPs.
  • A saguaro cactus on the property predates the Biltmore itself.
  • Almost every U.S. President has stayed at the Biltmore since its opening.
  • The legendary “White Christmas” was penned by Irving Berlin as he relaxed by the Catalina Pool.

There are countless more facts I discovered during the tour, but I won’t spoil them all for you. If you have the chance, I highly recommend taking the tour yourself. We’re even in the process of arranging a special tour exclusively for guests of the upcoming Mize Finance Meeting – stay tuned for details!

Food Glorious Food

To ensure you have the most enjoyable experience at the Mize Finance Meeting, I personally undertook the arduous task of sampling various menu items at the Biltmore. Here’s a mouthwatering list of the culinary delights I savored (all for your benefit, of course!):

Renata’s Hearth – Guacamole and Tamal with a refreshing Pica Fresca. Simply deliciosa!

McArthur’s – The Nashville Style Chicken Sandwich was an absolute delight.

The Spire Bar – The Purple Rain cocktail, a mix of Bombay Gin, blackberry, sage, and lemon, was divine.

Cup & Cone – Coffee & Kahlua gelato, because who could resist?

Saguaro Poolside – The Biltmore Burger hit the spot.

In-Room Dining – The Italian Sausage & Pepperoncini Pizza on the all-day menu was a delectable treat.

Regrettably, my stay at the Biltmore was short, and this culinary exploration was but a glimpse of what’s available. I can, however, confidently assure you that you’ll relish every bite during your stay.

Planning the 2024 Mize Finance Meeting

Now I’m back in my office and while I’m enjoying looking back on my stay at the Biltmore, it’s time to get back to work. Our team at Mize CPAs has been diligently working to ensure that the 2024 Mize Finance Meeting surpasses all expectations.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve lined up so far:

With many more exciting developments in the pipeline, we can hardly contain our anticipation for February, when the 2024 Mize Finance Meeting will take place. It’s poised to be an unforgettable event, and if you haven’t registered yet, you can follow this link for more information and to get started. For those interested in sponsoring our event, check out the available sponsorship levels.

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready for an experience that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary!


Martie Rison

Marketing and Communications Manager

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