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Bob Comiskey, McDonald’s, And Mize

Bob Comiskey, McDonald’s, and Mize

I would say 95% of the time when I call Mize, a live body answers the phone. And they usually drop what they’re doing to help me solve my issue, and that is huge. They do everything for me. I mean they reconcile my books, which is a time-consuming thing. They pay all my bills, do all my payroll, all the year-end stuff, and then my income tax. I run my organization out of an office in the house, and any operator can do that working with Mize. Just handle the day-to-day things, be in your store, let Mize, pay ‘em, give ‘em the money, and let them take away all the laborious paperwork that you are semi-intelligent about.

We had a situation where the cost of the building was almost double. I went to McDonald’s and I pointed it out to them and they just said, “that’s just how it is”. I flew Carol and Bryan out and we were able to talk to the corporate coordinator. And Bryan and I were like little puppy dogs. We sat on both sides of Carol. She talked, she swung away, and she was able to come out with some more money. Carol told me 25 years ago, I work for you, not for the corporation. And she truly does. And she knows what she’s doing, and she knows how to work with McDonald’s.

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