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Puppies And Payroll

Puppies and Payroll

No two days are the same when your team processes payroll for clients nationwide. We took a surprise puppy break recently when volunteers from Helping Hands Humane Society stopped by to drop off a couple of furry friends. Our team chatted about what it’s like to be part of the payroll team – puppies included!

What’s it like to be a part of #TeamMize?

Curtis Leiker, Payroll Associate Manager “Everybody feels like family. Accounting services, payroll, accounts payable, everybody mingles together, and we all get along really well.”

Jacquelyn King, Payroll Trainer “When somebody’s crunching a deadline, we shoot out an email, and ten people come to your desk asking, ‘what can I help you with?’ It’s really nice that we have other people to lean on who are willing to help.”

JT Mueller, Payroll Specialist “It’s my first day here and I’m training with Curtis, and somebody came over to his desk and just said ‘hey I’m kind of free, is there anything I can help you with?’. I went home and told my wife about that. ‘People don’t just leave; they ask if they can help!’. I mean, that is really powerful culture to me.”

Monica Godfrey, Payroll Specialist “We try to communicate everything we can, what’s going on with all of our clients. Because there are about fifty of us in our department now and we do over a thousand payrolls. As the others have said, when we need help, we just shoot an email out and ask if anyone can help.”

Why did you choose Payroll?

Curtis Leiker, Payroll Associate Manager “I really like that I learn something new every single day. I like working with people, I like working with multiple clients, multitasking, running around putting out fires, just everything every single day is something brand new.”

Monica Godfrey, Payroll Specialist “It’s fun, I love working with my coworkers.”

JT Mueller, Payroll Specialist “I like the detail-oriented nature of the work. As Curtis was talking about, what we do really matters. There’s an impact there, you know, we have to be on point. So, I came in with really no payroll experience, but I love the pace, I love the challenge, I love learning something new every day.”

Jennifer Mitchell, Payroll Specialist “One thing I like is that you have a schedule, but everything changes at the same time. No day is the same.”

Jacquelyn King, Payroll Trainer “There’s never really a dull moment in our job. This is the one job that I’ve said that I wish there were more hours in the day. I don’t necessarily want to work longer days, but the day goes by so fast that it’s really amazing how it just flies by.”

Is Mize family-friendly?

Monica Godfrey, Payroll Specialist “The shareholders know that we spend a lot of time with each other working, and they are very supportive.”

JT Mueller, Payroll Specialist “I’ve done bring your kid to work day before and I was even warning my son, ‘Okay, it’s bring your kid to work day. We’re going to do this but you’re probably going to camp out in my cubicle for like nine hours. You’re going to just sit there and jam with me because that’s what I do.’ But no, I saw that there’s a full agenda, there’s lunch, there’s games, tours and Mize Houser history. He was only with me at my desk for a couple of hours then he’s gone again so he will be busy and entertained the whole day. I mean I was blown away by how well that was put together.”

Jacquelyn King, Payroll Trainer “My kids came last year, and I think they got a better understanding about what mom does at work all day. I think they thought I just kind of came in and sat here all day. But my daughter, when we got home said ‘I do see why you’re tired when you come home, you are busy all day’.”

How do we save the day for clients?

Jacquelyn King, Payroll Trainer “When it comes to payday, and they’ve done everything they should, and the employee doesn’t get paid it’s an emergency to them. So, when they call us and say we have an emergency, we try to come up with something right then and there to get those people paid as soon as possible. A lot of times, they are very grateful that we can come up with a solution to their problem. It seems to them that the earth’s on fire, everything’s going to come to a standstill, and a lot of times it’s very easy to fix, and we reassure them pretty quickly that we can get it taken care of and get the person paid the next day. Just put out the fire that they were so worried about and let them know that it’s not as serious of a situation as they thought it was.”

Curtis Leiker, Payroll Associate Manager “There have been times when checks were not delivered on time. So, we’ve had to reprint the day of payday, take checks directly to Kansas City, put them on a plane and ship them directly to California. Also, there’s been a time where, Sheila (our department leader), has flown to California, Washington, and Oregon, and hand-delivered checks to a client.

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