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Unemployment Fraud: How To Handle Erroneous Forms 1099-G

Unemployment Fraud: How to Handle Erroneous Forms 1099-G

Fraudulent unemployment claims have been widespread and now there is another complication to the ongoing saga for Kansas employers.

The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) recently sent 1099-G forms in the mail for those receiving unemployment claims last year (click here for press release). While KDOL attempted to remove victims of fraudulent unemployment claims from the 1099-G distribution, some still made it into the mail. Those who received a 1099-G due to a fraudulent unemployment claim in their name are advised to follow these instructions:

  • Complete the fillable KDOL K-FRD 100 (Unsworn Declaration) form, available here:
  • Go to the KDOL Self-Service Portal at
  • After acknowledging the SSN requirement and completing the captcha, click the “Submit Unemployment Assistance Request” link
  • Choose the following (Individual; 1099 Protest) and click “Next”
  • Complete all required fields and click “Next”
  • After completing the dispute year (2020) and describing the issue (fraudulent unemployment claim because of identity theft), click on “Add” and attach your completed K-FRD 100 form (Unsworn Declaration)
  • Click “Submit”
  • An updated 1099-G should be issued based on the supported dispute submission

As this is an evolving and fluid process, you should continue to monitor the most current information in the FAQs within KDOL’s website Please direct any questions about fraudulent unemployment claims or subsequent 1099-G forms to KDOL at 785-575-1461.

Employers in other states may want to be aware of this situation and check their state’s Department of Labor website to see if a similar situation applies.

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