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Managing Employee Information Electronically

Managing Employee Information Electronically

Everybody’s busy. We might have had a bit of a respite during the pandemic, but we’re all back to full steam ahead these days, and looking for any opportunities to streamline our tasks to add efficiency.

Back office technology has improved our lives in many ways, and one of those is in managing employee information. If you’re a Mize payroll client, you already have employee information at your fingertips, including electronic personnel files. By adding the services from our partner TRUST Consulting, you can add electronic onboarding and additional document retention to your employee management toolkit.

Let’s start with the onboarding process for new hires. With electronic onboarding, new employees can complete all their required forms online before their first day of work. That allows your management team to start on-the-job training right when new employees walk in the door, rather than waiting for them to fill out paperwork. TRUST’s electronic onboarding process includes a public records check, federal and state tax withholding forms, I-9s (including E-Verify if desired) and qualifying your new hires for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, potentially saving your organization significant tax dollars.

All employment forms are stored electronically, along with other employee forms such as food handler permits and required certifications. TRUST can even arrange food safety courses for your team.

Once those new employees are on board, you want to know how they’re doing and what they’re thinking. That’s where employee surveys come in. The onboarding process can initiate an automatic 30-day survey to evaluate your new hire’s training experience. And on an ongoing basis, you can send out surveys to your entire team to get a snapshot of how things are going.

How about managing regular performance evaluations? With TRUST’s performance management module, you’ll be able to keep up with who’s due for an evaluation and review copies of previous appraisals.

And finally, TRUST’s employee communications module gives you the ability to send important messages to your individual team members, from birthday greetings to following up on missing information to compliance updates. TRUST can also create an internal employee resource website for your organization so your employees can access information from a centralized location. Wouldn’t it be great to have one spot for forms, documents, and your employee handbook?

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