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IRS System Bug Causing Additional Frustrations With Tax Refund Delays

IRS System Bug Causing Additional Frustrations with Tax Refund Delays

Taxpayers and tax preparers alike have become increasingly frustrated with the speed at which the Internal Revenue Service has been processing tax returns. This backlog has been caused by a number of factors, the latest of which is discussed in this article.

The IRS recently alerted tax professionals to a programming issue in its Transcript Delivery System, which tax preparers use to check on the status of returns that have been filed. Because of this glitch, tax preparers lose their ability to provide guidance to clients as to when their returns may be processed by the IRS.

We have spoken with many of our clients who are understandably frustrated with the delay in receiving ERTC and other tax refunds.

Please know we will take any actions possible to expedite IRS return processing, but unfortunately, this matter is out of our control. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as appropriate.

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