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A New Phishing Attack That Claims You’ve Been Exposed To Coronavirus

A New Phishing Attack That Claims You’ve Been Exposed to Coronavirus

In a new low, attackers are capitalizing on the fear and anxiety of thousands of people with a new phishing email scheme designed to have users open malicious emails allegedly coming from a local hospital.

In one version, the email pretends to come from a hospital and tells the recipient they have been exposed to the coronavirus and need to be tested. The email then tells the recipient to print an attached EmergencyContact.xlsm attachment and bring it with them to the nearest emergency clinic for testing. When the user enables content in the attachment, malware is downloaded and launched on the user’s computer.

To learn more (and see screenshots of the phishing attack), visit Bleeping Computer. Stay healthy and stay safe with your IT use!

This content was created during a snapshot in time and should be relied upon as such. Legislation and guidance continue to change as we progress through the current fluid environment and the information may not be applicable at a later date.  All content and materials are for general information purposes only. If you have questions regarding your specific situation, please contact us.

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