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Sandi Cox Named Director Of QSR System And Process Integration

Sandi Cox Named Director of QSR System and Process Integration

Sandi Cox is named Director of QSR System and Process Integration, a new position in the Mize Restaurant Group’s QSR department.

Sandi is responsible for leadership and management of technology initiatives including upgrading Mize Houser’s web tools accounting and payroll service for clients; implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) projects to give restaurant clients more robust financial data; and leading future initiatives such as custom dashboards to provide clients real-time visual information to monitor their restaurants’ financial and operational performance.

“Mize was one of the first accounting firms to embrace technology in the 1960s. As our investment in technology grew, we leveraged our people to build solutions like our affordable cloud-based accounting and bill pay solutions for restaurant clients. Now we are implementing robotic process automation (RPA) to create more efficiencies for clients with our bill pay solution. Sandi’s leadership will ensure that we continue to explore new technologies that give our clients the financial and operational data they need to grow their restaurants,” explains Andrew Spikes, CPA, Mize Houser QSR Shareholder.

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