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Danielle Marasco, McDonald's, and Mize

When we’ve had opportunities with specific restaurants or times of reinvestment periods, we’ve either had a conference call or an in-person visit. We’ve talked about what we needed to do to buckle down and really get serious about changing the trajectory of our cash flow and making the business work.” – Danielle Marasco, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

Rick and Sarah Hill, McDonald's, and Mize

Mize was able to really customize a program for me. Especially with the one-on-one help that I needed, they were able to meet with me and go through the financial detail. And go through our succession planning, which I needed all that information for my interview with the financial meetings.” – Sarah Hill, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

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James Vance, McDonald's, and Mize

Whenever Mize is involved, whenever Carol is on the phone, you hear an err of caution from the corporation.  They respect Mize very well and their entire team. And they know that they’re dealing with somebody who has a lot of experience, somebody that’s been very battle-tested.” – James Vance, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

Bob Comiskey, McDonald's, and Mize

I would say 95% of the time when I call Mize, a live body answers the phone. And they usually drop what they’re doing to help me solve my issue, and that is huge.” – Bob Comiskey, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

LeAnn & Pat Richards, McDonald's, and Mize

“They did a really nice job transitioning generations for us, making sure both generational points of view were represented well. They did a really good job without causing any family strife with just an objective point of view that it could’ve been messy, and it really wasn’t because of that.” – LeAnn Richards, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

James Poore, McDonald's, and Mize

I’ve been with Mize from day one. Yes, so I’ve been with them the entire way. They’ve been a great partner the entire 16 years I’ve been in the system. Mize provides all the services, all of our back office. They do McDonald’s payroll and everything.” – James Poore, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

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