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Does your business tax preparer ask insightful questions to personalize  business and tax services for you? As we assist you in business tax planning, we believe it is the responsibility of our tax accountants to understand your personal and business situations and how both could be impacted by changes.

Achieve your goals with our tax accountants

Our clients are primarily business owners whose personal finances are directly related to their business. As part of our business tax services, we’ll meet throughout the year to suggest proactive tax strategies for you and your business. These may be in the areas of determining entity structure, business tax planning, income taxes, corporate taxes – whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals while minimizing your taxes and staying in compliance with the tax code.

Your tax accountants should be proactive rather than reactive. If you only talk to your accountant during tax season and want a more hands-on approach, complete the form below to schedule a consultation with one of our business tax planning professionals.

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Find out how taking a proactive approach with Mize CPAs will help you build a strong financial foundation for the future.

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