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Alicia is the Shareholder and leader of TRUST Consulting Group, a Mize Company.

The TRUST team provides Work Opportunity Tax Credit management. Additional services include electronic onboarding and employee retention services.
In college, Alicia worked as a waitress at her local Chili’s. She credits her time in the restaurant industry as a base for her work ethic. Alicia’s professional career started in journalism. She would regularly write articles to help small business owners. In 2003, she established TRUST Consulting Group. She grew the company from a handful of clients to over 400 in 45 states.

TRUST Consulting Group merged with Mize CPAs on July 1, 2022.


BA, Journalism – Texas A&M


Alicia dreams of running her own farm. She currently owns fifteen acres of land that she plans to develop one day. Until then, she enjoys containment gardening and is especially good at growing watermelons. Between Alicia and her husband Dave, they have five children, three cats, and two dogs.

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