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Mize CPAs’ Response To COVID-19

Mize CPAs’ Response to COVID-19

A Message from the Board of Mize CPAs Inc.:

Like you, we are taking necessary steps to address the risks presented by the COVID-19 virus.

We have been closely monitoring and following guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and our local health officials, and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

Our utmost concerns are the health and welfare of our employees and the timeliness and quality of the services we provide to our clients. As such, we are utilizing our Business Continuity Plan to guide us.

Important Points

  • Our offices in Topeka and Overland Park are now closed to external traffic.
  • We will be holding virtual and phone meetings in lieu of in-person meetings until further notice.
  • If you need to send us documents, we encourage you to use the Secure Email portal on our website. Our offices will continue to receive packages via postal mail, courier or delivery service. You may also continue to fax documents to 785-233-1078 (Topeka), 913-451-2211 (Overland Park) or 785-234-1037 (McDonald’s clients).
  • We may ask you to streamline/modify your processes to avoid potential disruptions.
  • The significant investments we make in our cloud-based systems allow us to easily work remotely and we do not anticipate a significant disruption in client services. However, we are mindful that postal mail, delivery, and banking services could be impacted.
  • We will keep clients updated on how the situation may impact your tax filings or other business issues.

We are here for our clients and will continue to provide updates should anything significant happen that would disrupt our services. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Mize contact if you have questions.


The Board of Mize CPAs Inc.

This content was created during a snapshot in time and should be relied upon as such. Legislation and guidance continue to change as we progress through the current fluid environment and the information may not be applicable at a later date.  All content and materials are for general information purposes only. If you have questions regarding your specific situation, please contact us.

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